5 Heart-Pumping Partner Exercises for Valentine’s Day

On date night, trade chocolate and wine for a good old-fashioned sweat party. (OK, or just have save the treats for after!) These five partner exercises rely on teamwork to help you torch a few more calories than you could on your own. So grab a partner (a significant other, friend, or family member, they all count!) and take 15 minutes to crush these total-body moves. After all, what better way to spend Valentine’s Day than by showing your body some love — and encouraging your partner in crime to do the same. As they say, teamwork makes the dream work.

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5 Partner Exercises for an Active Valentine’s Day

It’s time for some team bonding — and sweating. Do each of the five partner exercises below for 30 seconds each. Then switch positions or sides (depending on the move) for another 30 seconds. Take a one-minute breather if you need it after one round, then repeat the entire circuit two more times. Don’t forget to motivate your buddy through each move. It doesn’t hurt to hug it out after, either!

1. High-Low Rotation

For this exercise, you and your partner need to have each other’s backs through those highs and lows. Make sure to twist through your torso (not just your shoulders) and drop down into a low squat when you reach the bottom of the hand off. Switch to the opposite high and low after 30 seconds.

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2. Wheelbarrow

You and your partner will take turns holding each other up for this squat and push-up combo. In both moves, keep those abs tight and back straight. And when times get tough, cheer each other on so you both push through. After all, you’re in this together!

3. Side Plank Twist

Nothing like double high fiving a loved one for a little pick-me-up! Communication is key during this move, so talk your partner through the timing as you can connect hands at the top and bottom of your plank twist. Remember to keep your hips up (body in a straight diagonal line from shoulders to ankles). Also, keep your lower half steady as you rotate through your midsection.

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4. Pistol Squat

Everyone needs a little extra support now and then — especially when you’re thrown off balance. So grab your partner’s hands and keep them stable as you take turns tackling this one-legged squat. Think about engaging your abs and pushing your hips back, as you continue gazing into your S.O.’s eyes.

5. Plank Jump

Trust: the foundation of a good relationship and the key to avoiding a wipe out during this exercise. One partner holds a steady forearm plank, without dropping or lifting the hips. (Pike them up and you’ll make it harder for your partner to leap over you.) The other fit friend jumps laterally over the plank, with feet together, knees driving up toward the chest and exploding off those toes.

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Originally published on February 14, 2017. Updated on February 14, 2022

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