Introducing Champion Training with Dane Robinson

Champion Training is Coach Dane Robinson’s personal playbook for success and now, it’s yours! In this collection, you’ll focus on building a solid foundation of strength, athletic conditioning, and mobility. Over the course of the “season,” from tryouts to the championship game and beyond, you’ll learn to work smarter, not harder, and see amazing results.

As a former collegiate and pro football player and women’s football coach, Coach Dane is passionate about taking what he’s learned on the field and bringing it to everyday athletes just like you. With his signature mix of encouragement, fun, and a bit of tough love, Champion Training will bring out your inner athlete and leave you ready to tackle the next challenge.

Coach Dane designed Champion Training to get progressively more challenging as you work through the schedule, taking you from the pre-season all the way through to your final victory lap in just two weeks. He also added mobility workouts at key points to help you focus on stability and joint health, so you can keep working out while feeling great for as long as possible.

We’ll be releasing new curated collections from our beloved trainers, featuring popular workouts, styles, and more, to help you reach your goals faster than ever and give you more of the trainers you love. Champion Training is only the first of many, so stay tuned – your favorite trainer just might be next!

Ready to level up in your goals, body, and life? Let’s go!

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